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Welcome to my profile! Let me make the introduction: I am a freelancer in audiovisual and graphic communication in science living in Lausanne, Switzerland. In short, I am a science communicator/mediator or « science facilitator ». I like this last one.

I am coming from the research and scientific universe, thanks to my academic background (PhD in Neurosciences completed in 2015). I progressed a lot in the educational environment, developing efficient ways to reach a large public. I improved these communication skills with an internship in the Musée de la Main in Lausanne and a formation in Project Management in 2016.

Before my thesis reached its end, I developed strong audiovisual technics such as motion graphism, visual effects, video editing, and filming. I combine now these powerful communication tools with my passion to communicate and popularize sciences.

With my hybrid profile, I can understand several partners from a wide range of domains and offer adapted and attractive digital content.

My experience leads me to work with professionals in the science domain such as Merck, NCCR Robotics, NCCR Synapsy, the Department of Fundamental Neurosciences, University of Lausanne, Bern, Zurich, the SVG, and several research groups. I developed my skills working with more corporate projects such as Ideapub (SmartHome, Sursector), Mediago (Groupe Mutuel, Clarins), Spoutnik (Merck, Les Caves de la Cote) the Numerik Games, TedXLausanne, SwissGoldGlaze, Raphaël Cottier Images and many other partners…

Finally, I like to participate in the creation of short movies, for science (Exposure Hackathon Film Festival), but creative project as well (Association de GN, l’Hydre).

I co-created an association as well, Neuracademia, with the goal to promote neurosciences through e-learning, digital content and training to academic and corporate professionals. We produce animation, institutional video, and videos for the web to popularize complex concepts and destigmatize mental disorders. More recently, we create events and contribute to the Semaine du Cerveau in Lausanne.

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